Maryam Poosti
Project Name Multiple Span Catenary Truss Bridge
Location Istanbul,Turkey
Status Unrealized-2009

The project is located in the Golden Horn (Eyup), Istanbul, spanning across this natural harbor. The characteristics of the city of Istanbul draws attention to its diverse cultural and religious multiplicity. The people who live here have a conservative way of life and this is reflected in the lack of any entertainment, hotels or leisure areas at the Golden Horn.
This bridge will span the Golden horn in such a way that it uses the two embankments and the Island as focal points focusing the main programs and the inhabitation on the island itself as a common platform, The bridge is a long span structure with varied open and closed programs along its span, it connects major points along the two sides through a long and complex multi-threaded system of catenary steel trusses, the height of these catenary arches are defined by the two hills surrounding the site.
The overall image of the bridge is one of lightness and simplicity that brings in varied urban scales together to create finer elements of inhabitation. This is further achieved by the use of two materials that allow it to be part of the landscape, to connect, blur and shorten the boundary between Eyup and Istanbul.