Maryam Poosti
Project Name CHEFT bookshelf
Manufacturer-Italy Universal E C. S.r.l.

For the creation of CHEFT collection, designer Maryam Pousti has been inspired by geometrical patterns seen on domes of Persian architecture. These patterns are the generation of lines upon surfaces, creating an image of Clarity and strength. The same image was intended for the CHEFT collection.
The bookshelf design is based on symmetry. Two sets of 6 panels intersect through angle specific grooves which are cut using a 4 axis CNC machine. The name CHEFT meaning ‘to fasten’ derives from the way the panels slide into each other and lock in place to form a free-standing object. No nails or screws are necessary for assembly. CHEFT can also be used as a room partition.
Suitable for indoors, the bookshelf is made to order in Italy. It can be customized with two main options: colored MDF or solid wood options such as Walnut and cherry as well as others on request.